Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All the Small Things

It's the holiday season  Christmas time and it seems that most of the world starts to love each other a little more. Sure, there's the crazy stories of people crushing other people in efforts to get the perfect Black Friday sale item, but the stories that come more frequently (and the ones on which I choose to focus), are the stories of goodwill toward men.  

Last week one of the locals here went on his second annual quest to make December 1 "Pay it Forward" Day.  I love that he is trying to make life a little more loving and I definitely participated, but I think we should remember to pay it forward more often than just once a year.  Now, I know for some people, one day of paying it forward is a stretch and making it a specific day gets those people to think outside their comfort zone and do something a little different, but I imagine that all of you reading pay it forward a little more frequently than just once every 365 days.  So, what do you do? 

How do you decide when to do something? Do you pick one specific day a month or do you do it everyday? Or maybe you just do it when the time is right and it hits you that you should do something.  That's generally the way I do it, but I find that I go through spurts of giving, sometimes doing it a lot and sometimes forgetting for days at a time.  I also tend to neglect those times when I might give just a small bit of my time and not consider that as paying it forward.  But, you know what?  Just a simple smile to the mom whose demon spawn child is having a meltdown, might be the best thing you could ever give her that day.  

So today, almost a full week after "Pay It Forward" Day, I challenge you to do a little something for someone else for the next 7 days.  It could be as big as paying for the groceries for the person in front of you or it might be as small holding the door for open for the parent with the stroller.  And you should feel good about whatever you do, because I've been that parent before and I promise ~ holding the door open for me when I'm trying to finagle the stroller through it is one of the best presents you could give me.  

Will you take the Pay It Forward 7 Day Challenge? 

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