Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Friends

So, tonight's post was supposed to be entitled 'Facedumped' and was to chronicle the lessons I learned during my Lenten sacrifice of Facebook, however...

I have learned a very important lesson regarding friendship over the last few days that especially touched me tonight.  I decided to forgo the Facebook post until tomorrow and go with my friendship lesson tonight.  I hope it touches you in some way like it did me.

True friends...

...are there for you when you need them - whether you know it or not.
...know that sometimes you just need Mexican...even if it is just a reason to drink a pitcher {or two} of frozen margaritas.
...know how to listen, even when you can't talk.
...celebrate your badges - and have their own.
...send the text they know you need - even if you don't answer it.
...celebrate you for who you are right now, not who they want you to be.
...give you a bloggy award - because you're funny, but also just because.
...notice when you're missing. when they get your cryptic email - even if they're busy.
...keep on you because they know you have 'star potential,' could be 'red hot,' or are a 'shining star' in the making - you just need to see it. with you when you're happy and cry with you when you're sad.
...understand that sometimes you have to 'buck up.'
...keep calling - even when you don't return their phone calls.
...understand that a relationship is reciprocal and cyclical.  It's not all about you and it's not all about them.
...are comfortable saying, 'I don't know what you're going through, but I'm here for you.  No matter what.'  Because that really does make a difference...
...totally understand that your kid just doesn't eat, or just has dry skin, or just doesn't sleep, or just can't run fast because that's the way they were made...and that's okay.
Thank you, true friends... for being there, for loving me, and for making me love myself.  I can't always be there for myself, so thank you for doing it for me.  I love each of you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

He's Baaaaaack

Dad's back in Georgia.  Currently at our house.

Well, shit.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Off the Island

I think I'm being voted off the island.  This makes me sad because I happen to like this island and its inhabitants, but I'm trying to remember that there are other islands in the world and I'll eventually get over it.

My request would have to be that we speed up the kicking off process if that's where we're heading because the stress of not knowing is kind of getting to me.

Just let me know island gods,

Letters of Intent


I found Friday Letters of Intent through He & Me Plus Three and wow - how therapeutic!  This just might become a regular Friday installment on my blog.  I feel a whole lot better now that I'm finished typing it all out.  As a matter of fact, I'm even smiling!  Read on, friends and have a great Friday!

Dear Kohls Checkout Lady,

In case you didn't notice on your own, I would like to bring to your attention that you lost ALL of my business earlier today when you wouldn't work with me.  Therefore instead of simply loosing the $1 {yes, ONE FREAKING DOLLAR} that you were trying to get from me, you lost ALL of the money you would have received from my purchase.  Please note that I will shop at one of the other four Kohls in the area from now on and never return to your location to contribute to your store's revenue.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Not So Sincerely,
The woman with the screaming two year old

Dear Screaming Two Year,

Do you think we could just skip the Terrible Two's?  I'd totally be okay with that.  In fact, Mommy is not above bribery to make this happen. Have your people talk to my people and maybe we can get this worked out.

All my love,

Dear Friends Who-Are-About-to-Say-"Terrible Two's Are Nothing, Just Wait For...",

Don't even go there.  I will cut you.

Thanks for the thought though,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Like Me!

I am proud to announce that I am a DOUBLE Facebook Funnies Award winner this month over at Musical Musings.  Su-weet!  I feel even more special since I was only on Facebook posting status updates for ONE WEEK during this month's contest because, well, Lent happened.  {Speaking of...Oh my goodness.  I'm not entirely sure Jesus could have given Facebook up for all 40 days of Lent.  He would have peeked every once in awhile, I know it.}

Kristen has some VERY funny friends.  I was laughing so hard when reading the winning statuses that I was literally crying.  I was going to write my favorite one right here, but I can't pick one; you really must check them out for yourself.  

As for me, well...You like me, you really like me!



That is all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the Winners Are...

GAH!  I didn't post the giveaway winners yet!  How could that have happened?  I ended up picking two winners, because, well, two people entered.  See, here at The Answers Are Simple, EVERYONE'S A WINNER...literally!

Many congratulations to
1. Kristen 
2. Jen
for winning a set of chargers (and no Kristen, they are not San Diego Chargers, though they might be more fun to 'play' with if they were!).  Email me addresses ladies, and I'll get these puppies in the mail.  I'm actually hoping to see Jen turn them into something even cooler over at Tatertots & Jello {*hint, hint*} but either way, it was fun to give something away!

And now I'll like to give a shout out to the five new followers who've joined this week!  Big snaps for you! Thanks for following and enjoy the ride.

Now... back to work for me.  It is Sunday, which means I've snuck five or so minutes away from my paid job to jump on and make this announcement.  The Good Lord is cracking the whip now and telling me to get back to planning Youth Sunday.  I'm on it, Big Guy, I'm on it.

Peace out,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh no, she didn't!

Oh yes...  I did!

I took the plunge and am now an official Mary Kay Independent Business Consultant.

Yes, I know what you're thinking.
"Sam?  Mary Kay?  Really?  I'm not even sure she remembers to shower everyday, much less wear makeup!"

First of all, shame on you; I do shower everyday.  Sometimes I don't want to and I have to do it with an audience of one watching {if you don't have kid(s), you can't possibly understand!}, but I DO shower.  But I digress...

Second, and more importantly, I believe in Mary Kay AND the business model, so I decided to take the plunge!  Here are the top five reasons {in no particular order} I decided to become a consultant:

1. MK makes a product with which I can cleanse, exfoliate and freshen my face.  Did you read the part where I don't get to shower without my two year old watching me?  Combining three of the five facial care steps into one is impressive and really the only way I'm going to do any kind of facial care.

2. The opportunity to earn extra money - as little or as much as I want.  No pressure either way. Yes, really!

3. "Me" Perks.  The opportunity to earn rings, pins, earrings, bracelets...okay, jewelry!, purses, trips, home stuff, kids toys ~ sometimes MK chooses what I get and other times I get to choose and go 'shopping.'  There's even a company car that's available pretty early on!
What's the biggest "Me" Perk?  Other strong, confident, successful women looking at me and saying " Good Job! You Rock!"  I'm a pretty strong person, but I live for that kind of praise.

4. The opportunity to get my own products at a discount.  I'm going to buy them anyway, so why not buy them for less?!

5.  Me.  You heard me.  I'm doing it for me.
I already love the women in my unit/area because they get it.  They understand that as women and wives and moms and friends, we not only feel the need {and pull} to do, do, do for everyone else and many times either forget our forgo our needs and wants.  I'm so incredibly lucky that I have an amazing husband who loves me, looks out for me, keeps me sane, tells me not to worry about cleaning... makes sure that my happiness is at the top of his 'to do list.'  I totally understand that most women aren't that lucky and I thank God for Brian each and every day {usually multiple times!} Even so, I want to provide some of that happiness on my own and I want to make it for Brian.  Pretty neat idea, huh?  I'll let you know how it works out, but so far, so good!

That's a little about what's going on with me.  Now my question(s) for you! {Don't even fake like that.  You knew it was coming...}
Want some pampering {because contrary to what you might think, you DO deserve it and you CAN make time for it}?  Want to host a party {and earn free products?!}?  Want to just order some of the stuff you already know you love {Hello - Satin Hands? OMG!!}?  Send me an email or check out the website.  We can have some fun!

Hasta Manana,


I have a follower!
You totally rock, Kristen! 8th grade dance photos to come!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Me A Giveaway

I love (or as Thrity Decor Chick would say, "I lurrrrve") when bloggers have giveaways.  One of my fave bloggers is Jen over at Tatertots & Jello (um, hello, have you heard a cuter name?  Okay, have you heard a cuter name TODAY?) has at least one new giveaway a week.  She's a crafting, blogging rock star.  My biggest complaint regarding her is that she never chooses me to be a winner.  She says she thinks she should choose randomly and make it all fair and crap like that.  She even uses to make sure there's no bias.  Whatever.  Just pick me.

Seriously though, she does have some rockin' giveaways.  This week, for example, she's giving a $75 gift certificate to Crimson Clover on Etsy.  Check that out...I'm plugging Crimson Clover's stuff and I don't even know her!  {All kinds of good swag in her store though, so she deserves it!}

Because of this latest, awesome giveaway, it really pushed me over the edge into the giveaway circus.  I really feel that it's time to host a giveaway on  my site.  That's right, I'm giving something away right here on The Answers Are Simple and YOU have a chance to win.

There's a little pressure to make sure this is good, since this is my first giveaway, but I think I can live up to your expectations.  This giveaway will go through 10pm on Wednesday, March 17.  Feeling a little luck of the Irish?  There are three ways to enter my contest.

1. Leave a comment on this post.  Yes, it really is that easy.
2. Become a follower of this blog.  Yup, this one right here.  You're already reading it, all you have to do is click the little 'follow' button.  Then leave me a comment saying you're a follower.
3. Follow the link on the right side of my page and become a follower of 'Musical Musings.'  It's written by Kristen, a once lost {but now found} kindred spirit of mine who has the same sick sense of humor.  Not only is she funny, but she uses music to enhance her sarcasm.  Oh. My. Goodness; it's a match made in heaven.  Leave a comment that you're a follower.

Done.  That easy.  You just earned 1 {or 2. or 3.} entries into my giveaway.  And because I'm going to be all fair and stuff, I'll used, to choose a winner, just like Jen.  {Geez... I think I'm getting soft in my old age...I didn't even try to give you an option to buy me off.}

Oh!  I almost forgot! I guess you want to know what you'll win, don't you?!  It's a three piece prize pack, including:
1. The entire contents of the lint trap of my dryer.  There is the potential for some serious kindling in this piece of the prize pack alone, so you should be excited!
2. An autographed picture of yours truly.
3. A sweet set of blue chargers.

 Yes, the picture is pink, no the real prize is not.  They are a teal-ish color blue and I can't find an appropriate picture of them right now, so deal.   Take a chance.  Enter the giveaway.  You'll like them.  

Hasta manana, 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And now you know why...

...Nike wants my body

We're total hotties aren't we?!  Not bad looking for 5:30am!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nike Wants My Body

This is going to be a short one because it's 8:22am and we have to leave for school in 8 minutes.  That should be enough of a reason to be a short post, but I haven't quite dressed my child in her school uniform yet, so that eats into the  8 minutes considerably.  Oops.

I went for an amazing run this morning... at 5:35am.  Hell yeah, I ran at 5:35am.  If you're a runner, you're totally unphased, but if you're the mother of a two year old you're way impressed.  Or think I'm crazy.  Or both.  Actually, I'm good with both, you're just not allowed to only say I'm crazy.

My running partner in crime Stephanie & I rocked Fieldstone Glen & South Park in a big bad way.  There were times when I thought I was going to hurl onto someone's lawn gnome, but alas, yesterday's 80oz of water stayed down and when we finished our jaunt, I was way the hell impressed with myself.

So after I just reread that last line, I apparently don't care what you think, I'm pretty high on myself today.

I'm such a modest girl.  That's why you like me so much.  HA!

Nike's next running goddess wishes you a happy Tuesday - Peace out!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a song name 'Tim McGraw,' so I'm totally okay with having a blog post named 'Taylor Swift.'

I am on a HUGE Taylor kick right now {I can just call her Taylor, cause we're totally BFFs} and LOVE her music.  {I'm apparently also 13 years old, because I don't know how to communicate without writing in all caps...}

Yesterday I found her YouTube channel and I'm totally hooked because you can see her videos in addition to listening to the music and most of them crack me up.  She says that her music is mostly autobiographical and based on her songs and videos I see a lot of similarities in her and my humor styles.  I'm going to assume that she's like that in real life, too, but not say that I know it because that would be awfully creepy and I'd kind of feel like a stalker.

Take a Monday break and listen to some good music.  BTW, if you turn the radio/computer up really loudly when you're listening to "You Belong With Me," it's physically impossible to be in a bad mood by the end of the song.

Oh, there's one more thing.  I want Taylor Swift hair.  Not blond, but I want those cute curly waves.  Not entirely sure I can pull it off, but I'd like to try.

That is all.