Monday, March 8, 2010

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a song name 'Tim McGraw,' so I'm totally okay with having a blog post named 'Taylor Swift.'

I am on a HUGE Taylor kick right now {I can just call her Taylor, cause we're totally BFFs} and LOVE her music.  {I'm apparently also 13 years old, because I don't know how to communicate without writing in all caps...}

Yesterday I found her YouTube channel and I'm totally hooked because you can see her videos in addition to listening to the music and most of them crack me up.  She says that her music is mostly autobiographical and based on her songs and videos I see a lot of similarities in her and my humor styles.  I'm going to assume that she's like that in real life, too, but not say that I know it because that would be awfully creepy and I'd kind of feel like a stalker.

Take a Monday break and listen to some good music.  BTW, if you turn the radio/computer up really loudly when you're listening to "You Belong With Me," it's physically impossible to be in a bad mood by the end of the song.

Oh, there's one more thing.  I want Taylor Swift hair.  Not blond, but I want those cute curly waves.  Not entirely sure I can pull it off, but I'd like to try.

That is all.  

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  1. Totally want that hair, too. White Horse is a great song. So's Tell Me Why.