Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh no, she didn't!

Oh yes...  I did!

I took the plunge and am now an official Mary Kay Independent Business Consultant.

Yes, I know what you're thinking.
"Sam?  Mary Kay?  Really?  I'm not even sure she remembers to shower everyday, much less wear makeup!"

First of all, shame on you; I do shower everyday.  Sometimes I don't want to and I have to do it with an audience of one watching {if you don't have kid(s), you can't possibly understand!}, but I DO shower.  But I digress...

Second, and more importantly, I believe in Mary Kay AND the business model, so I decided to take the plunge!  Here are the top five reasons {in no particular order} I decided to become a consultant:

1. MK makes a product with which I can cleanse, exfoliate and freshen my face.  Did you read the part where I don't get to shower without my two year old watching me?  Combining three of the five facial care steps into one is impressive and really the only way I'm going to do any kind of facial care.

2. The opportunity to earn extra money - as little or as much as I want.  No pressure either way. Yes, really!

3. "Me" Perks.  The opportunity to earn rings, pins, earrings, bracelets...okay, jewelry!, purses, trips, home stuff, kids toys ~ sometimes MK chooses what I get and other times I get to choose and go 'shopping.'  There's even a company car that's available pretty early on!
What's the biggest "Me" Perk?  Other strong, confident, successful women looking at me and saying " Good Job! You Rock!"  I'm a pretty strong person, but I live for that kind of praise.

4. The opportunity to get my own products at a discount.  I'm going to buy them anyway, so why not buy them for less?!

5.  Me.  You heard me.  I'm doing it for me.
I already love the women in my unit/area because they get it.  They understand that as women and wives and moms and friends, we not only feel the need {and pull} to do, do, do for everyone else and many times either forget our forgo our needs and wants.  I'm so incredibly lucky that I have an amazing husband who loves me, looks out for me, keeps me sane, tells me not to worry about cleaning... makes sure that my happiness is at the top of his 'to do list.'  I totally understand that most women aren't that lucky and I thank God for Brian each and every day {usually multiple times!} Even so, I want to provide some of that happiness on my own and I want to make it for Brian.  Pretty neat idea, huh?  I'll let you know how it works out, but so far, so good!

That's a little about what's going on with me.  Now my question(s) for you! {Don't even fake like that.  You knew it was coming...}
Want some pampering {because contrary to what you might think, you DO deserve it and you CAN make time for it}?  Want to host a party {and earn free products?!}?  Want to just order some of the stuff you already know you love {Hello - Satin Hands? OMG!!}?  Send me an email or check out the website.  We can have some fun!

Hasta Manana,


  1. Good for you! If you know of anything for skin that is generally oily, but gets dry on the top layer, and then breaks out like a 13-year-old's when temperatures fluctuate, let me know. I am ready to stop looking like I did in the 7th grade.

    Also - I sent an email to your fairy dust account about the RMH t-shirts. Let me know if you're still interested, because I plan on fax that order form out this evening. :)

  2. PS - I went ahead and ordered a Youth XS for Cate. If you do not want to pay for it, I will cover it. My gift! I wanted to round out my order to 30 shirts. :)

  3. I think Mary Kay is awesome makeup and beauty products. My grandmother use to sell it and I have two friends that are consultants. I love her lipgloss...I am not a big make up wearer.
    Thanks for popping by my blog today. I am now following you. I can relate to the shower comment too. I cannot take a shower uninterrupted.