Friday, September 28, 2012

I've missed blogging! I've had some difficulties getting my medications straight for the last two months or so and it's made me absolutely miserable.  Miserable + Trouble Sleeping = The desire to blog, but not the ability to do so.  It looks like the train is finally getting back onto the track, though and I'm very happy to be here.

In an effort to be a more effective and more consistent blogger, I've decided to do a "31 Days Event."  What is that, you ask? A 31 Days Event is one in which a blogger hosts one challenge on her blog for each of the 31 days in a month.

I've chosen to participate in A Bowl Full of Lemons' 31 Days of Instagram.  I'm excited to try using some filters that I often bypass, and interested to see what kind of challenges she'll throw at us!

Come back each day in October to check out my Instagram posts!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Very Pinteresting - Week 1

Do you have a Pinterest account? Are you addicted like my friends and me? I have a definite affinity for Pinterest and the fact that there's an iPhone app for it, makes it just a little easier for me to continue that addiction.

Starting today and continuing each Saturday, I'll be highlighting my favorite pins from the last week.  Take a look at mine, swap, share, and post your own! Let's take a gander...


DisneyBound puts together the cutest outfits and I absolutely adore this one inspired by Cinderella Castle. 
[All outfits can be found at:]


I love this cute turkey day shirt but sadly, the original pin doesn't work.  It looks like I'm on my own to figure out how to make it! 


I love Anne of Green Gables and I love this quotation.


I have those friends.  It's okay if you're jealous. 
[Find it at:]

What did you find Pinteresting this week??