Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nike Wants My Body

This is going to be a short one because it's 8:22am and we have to leave for school in 8 minutes.  That should be enough of a reason to be a short post, but I haven't quite dressed my child in her school uniform yet, so that eats into the  8 minutes considerably.  Oops.

I went for an amazing run this morning... at 5:35am.  Hell yeah, I ran at 5:35am.  If you're a runner, you're totally unphased, but if you're the mother of a two year old you're way impressed.  Or think I'm crazy.  Or both.  Actually, I'm good with both, you're just not allowed to only say I'm crazy.

My running partner in crime Stephanie & I rocked Fieldstone Glen & South Park in a big bad way.  There were times when I thought I was going to hurl onto someone's lawn gnome, but alas, yesterday's 80oz of water stayed down and when we finished our jaunt, I was way the hell impressed with myself.

So after I just reread that last line, I apparently don't care what you think, I'm pretty high on myself today.

I'm such a modest girl.  That's why you like me so much.  HA!

Nike's next running goddess wishes you a happy Tuesday - Peace out!


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  1. If you can run at 5:30 am- then you can surely join my new running group on Tues's at 9:15! :) You go girl! :))) Looking hot! btw- I finally became a follower (and figured out how- didn't get the whole sign up for Google thing???)- but I've missed you that much on FB! :)