Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruise Chics!

Have you heard about the Cruise Chics? They run an annual Christian women's retreat on... get this... A CRUISE SHIP!! Okay, maybe you're not as shocked as I thought you would be by that last statement because you already knew I was writing about a group called Cruise Chics, but still... A CRUISE SHIP!!

I first learned about the Cruise Chics Retreat when my friend Denise won one of their cruises last year from our local Christian radio station, 104.7 The Fish.  I was intrigued when she told me about it and even more so when she returned from what she deemed "an AWESOME Christian women's retreat."  I love cruising, I love retreats, and above all, I love Christ ~ why wouldn't this be the perfect trip for me?

This year's Cruise Chics Retreat will be sailing on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas ship from April 25-29, 2013.  Hmm... it's after our Spring Break, it's a Thursday-Monday, which means care for the Monkey would be easy to secure, and it's going to the Bahamas... I really can't think of a good reason NOT to go!  Well, there is that whole, "it costs money" thing, but what's money?  No, really, it does matter, but here's the cool thing - they offer a monthly payment option! If you're not great about budgeting, the monthly payment option is great for helping you budget enough money to go, while at the same time securing your spot.

I'm so excited to be considering the Cruise Chics Retreat this year.  It's an opportunity to spend five days with my sisters in Christ: enjoying our time together, empowering each other, and worshiping the Lord.  Now... who do I take with me?!

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