Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday

What is one aspect of your life that you never expected to be there?

I NEVER expected to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

What?  You expected an intense, life-changing answer?

Let's stop for a minute and consider the source.  We are talking about a woman who, prior to becoming a Mary Kay consultant, washed her face with water.  Just water.  And only when she was in the shower.  [Don't I at least get points for knowing that I wasn't supposed to wash my face with soap??]

I didn't wash my face, I didn't use moisturizer (much to Prince Charming's chagrin.  He regularly admonished me for it.), I didn't wear makeup and I surely didn't use supplements.

And then one crazy day, worn down by my mom (who wanted a girls day out), I attended a Mary Kay event.  I was blown away by the way the products made me feel and I knew that I liked them enough to actually take the time to start washing my face and maybe, just maybe, start wearing makeup.  I became a Mary Kay consultant that day.  Craziness, I tell you.

Fast forward fourteen months and I have the clearest, softest skin I've had in 31 years and a fabulous career that I love.  Not only do I love what I do but I get the opportunity to continue to be a stay at home mom to the Monkey while still contributing to our family financially.  In a word? Awesome.

[Shameless plug for my business?  Well, okay.  Since you asked... check out my website here:]

Now it's your turn!  What do you have in your life that you never would have expected?

1 comment:

  1. Children.
    I know it sounds odd, but I truly never though I'd want to be a mother.
    And now I rock the "I'm a Mom" badge like it's my job.
    Well, it kind of is. . .
    hee hee