Friday, April 15, 2011

Letters of Intent #6


As usual on Fridays, I'm linking up with Foursons for Letters of Intent.  Check out the other letters and write one of your own!

Dear USA Network, 
I know you have to make movies fit into the alloted time you have but do you really have to cut the funny parts out?  Like when Nick Cage sticks his hand in between the rocks in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets and pretends like something eats him?  That's a good part!  Ugh.
Stop Cutting Out the Good Parts

Dear People Who Take Care of My Child,
When I tell you that she doesn't sweat and it's very dangerous for her to overheat, please believe me.  I'm not an over-protective, hypochondriac mom who is just trying to give you a hard time.  I mean, really... Don't make me pull the 'she will die' card on you because I really hate to do that.  
Thanks for paying attention,

Dear World,
Randi is not old.  She is not closer to 40 than 50 (Though she is closer to 50 than I am.  I'm just speaking the truth, Randi.).  She does not have one foot in the grave and she's not interested in the sexy mature singles with whom would like to pair her.  She is, however, an awesome person, amazing mom, and super friend.  Even if she does wear Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.   

Dear Morning Run,
Why are you so elusive? Always just a little out of reach, I miss you each morning.  One day we will have our time in the sun.  One day.
Soon-to-be Running Princess


  1. 1- do you really hate to play the death card? I don't think so.

    2- I don't wear Gloria V jeans

    3- xoxoxoxoxoxo- you make me giggle

  2. Dear family and friends,
    As was drawn to my attention yesterday by someone who will remain nameless, it may appear in letter #2 (Dear People Who Take Care of My Child), that I am being passive-aggressive and talking to one of you. I am not. I am talking to the silly childcare workers at MOPS who didn't pay attention to Cate's temperature on Friday and let her get too hot AND didn't come to get me. Perhaps I should have titled the letter "Dear Silly Childcare Worker at MOPS," but I wanted to put it out to the universe in case there are childcare workers in the future that don't understand it. My deepest apologies if any of you thought it was you to whom I was referring. No one who actually reads my blog ignores reality or the warning signs. So thanks. :)

  3. [That would be "thanks" for being so cool. I realize I often take a sarcastic tone and that could have been misread, too!]