Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IPhones & Car washes

No, I didn't run my iPhone THROUGH the car wash. That would be bad. But I am blogging AT the car wash. Yes, thanks to the joys of technology I'm able to take my 15 minutes of downtime and spend it with all of you ~  my fabulous followers. The reason I'm excited about it is because this is my first time blogging from my phone. It's definitely different working on such a small screen but it may be the blogging technique of the future. We'll see.

Big Blue has needed a wash for some time now but, like many things in my life right now, there just hasn't been TIME. After dropping Monkey off with Gram & Pop, I found myself early for my Mary Kay meeting (Yes, you read that right. EARLY.). I was alone, enjoying the beautiful weather, and more importantly, did I mention alone? What to do? I had decided on a Coke from McDonald's and a walk through Hallmark when I saw the sign for the car wash. I'm not going to tell you my full reaction but let's just say that Max would have been proud of me.

That's when I decided I should blog about it and that's also what turned me into the crazy lady who was taking pictures of her car going through the car wash. Once I got started I couldn't stop and I wanted to take more pictures because I knew Max would appreciate them.  It turned into my own little photo shoot with the van. It was bad. Seriously, a woman was staring so I had to stop. {BTW, if you didn't look at the Love that Max link in the last paragraph, you should do it now.  Ellen runs the most awesome 'parent of one special needs and one typical child' blog I've ever read.  Ever.}

Fast forward 15 minutes and Big blue is beautiful! Seriously, the inside of my van is so clean and I'm in heaven. I have a three year old Monkey; I don't know the last time the inside of the van has seen clean! To say I was excited might be a bit of an understatement. In fact, I'm relatively sure that the teenage boy whose job it was to ask me if I was happy with the finished cleaning thought I was going to have an orgasm right there in the parking lot. For you enquiring minds, no, I did not have an orgasm in the parking lot, though the teen boy didn't stick around to see if it happened or not.

Life is all about the little things. Make your own kind of happy.


  1. Max was excessively happy to see these photos, and thanks you! Congratulations on your newfound capabilities of being able to blog from anywhere!

  2. I cleaned out the inside of my car on Saturday! I had to make room for another car seat - and with a 3 year old it was much needed.

    We were going to wash the outside - but well the dog chewed the hose. The next day I realized that the mosquitoes thought I was delicious - especially around the ankles and feet. Or was it that they realized I can't REACH my ankles and feet to swat at them or put something on the bites?!?!?!?

  3. My "big blue" rarely gets a wash either, so it's quite a treat for me too - no need to be ashamed!

  4. I love the random posts on your wall. I used to be terrified of car washes as a child now I rather enjoy them. Give my blog a look if you get some free time.

  5. whoop, whoop- I found you again, and NOW I'm a follower. YEAH! LOve that big blue got a bath. Love your cutie posts and witty musings. How do you feel about guest posting for me?

  6. ps- you should join a blog hop or two. it helps boost your followers. I'll tell you next time I find one. I keep forgetting who hosts. I know Girl Creative hosts one. Let me find it and email you...