Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Two Tuesday: Celebrity Hairstyles

It's Tuesday and that means I'm linking up with Top Two Tuesday over at 
The Undomestic Momma.  Today we're talking about celebrity hairstyles.  Here's my top 2!

Taylor Swift 
Oh my goodness.  I love Taylor Swift's hair.  Love it, love her, love the music.  So in love.  I've been growing my 'always keep it short' hair for the last year in an attempt to channel her hair.  I got a perm in June, followed by another in November since the first one didn't stick in my bone-straight hair.  This one worked better, but alas, I'm no Taylor Swift.  Here's my hair:
Well, if nothing else, it was a different chapter in The Hairs of My Life.  

Mariska Hargitay
I'm loved this look on Mariska.  I like most of her hairstyles (except the SUPER short one from a few years ago) but most of them fall into the "I don't think I could wear that" category.

And finally, a flashback just because I came across this picture and it made me chuckle...
Sarah Michelle Gellar
I tried for many of Sarah Michelle Gellar's hairstyles over the four years of college.  She changed her hair, I waited a few months and tried it on mine.  None of them really worked for me (except this one...kind of), but at least it got me changing my hairstyles! 

What celebrity hairstyles do you like?


  1. Buffy is my hero. I'm going to try for that SMG style when I chop off my hair for Locks of Love. I'm sure it will be flat and blah, but I'll try!

  2. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, probably going short again... you know me I always have to change my hair style:)

  3. Make a button for your site so I can post it on mine, please.

  4. Those are good picks - love Mariska too! I would add Gwyneth Paltrow b/c I have a little crush on her :)

    Thanks for stopping by my site - now following back (sorry it took a couple of days!)

  5. Love all those hairstyles! And of course, my curly head wishes it were straight :) So I'm jealous that you can rock them!